Click on the army bomb to start your journey!

Hiiii, welcome to the virtual MOTS concert!!! As you may know due to the current circumstances the concert was rescheduled, which is why I wanted to created a small interactive game that would bring you through a similar experience. I hope that this game will bring a small smile on your face. Enjoy!!! ☺️

To start off your virtual concert journey click on a pass!

You have reached the merch stand, prepare your $$$$ 😉

Choose your army bomb item

Choose your accessory item

Choose your clothing item

Yay!!! You’ve acquired your merch

Here’s the photocard dispenser, click on a circle to find out who you got

Someone is giving out freebies, click on a bag to see what they gave

ARMY TIME!!! (Will lead to another page)
This is a google document where you can write any experiences you had as an army, a memorable moment, something about BTS and more! (Write down your social media account so more armys can reach out to you) (Ps: if there’s anything that is considered as inappropriate it will be deleted)

Click on the heart to open the songs links

The concert has come to end, hope you liked the experience

Click a photo was taken

Here’s a photo souvenir to remember the virtual concert!!!!

You reached the end, I truly hope that you liked this short game, that I loved making. Thank you for playing and feel free to share with your friends! I am positive that soon we will be seeing the boys live, let’s continue by giving them our unconditional support and the wait will be worth it! ☺️💜